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October 4, 2010



Brace yourself: Rowdy Superst*r is arriving and he is not what you are expecting.  This London-raised non-conformist prodigy has wilfully rebelled against preconceptions to create a work that transcends trends and guidelines.  ROWDY is the latest talent to emerge from the Accidental Records stable, which has previously nurtured the likes of The Invisible and Micachu, along with production for Radiohead, Roisin Murphy and Björk. Although this background guarantees that the newest star to ascend from the Accidental calibre cluster will be avant-garde, all I can say is that you have to see it to believe it! ROWDY is like a meteorite that has crash landed from another musical planet and the performance matches the mood. This unstoppable comet ball of fire is set to ignite the stage with both his experimental tracks, lights, costumes and moves. Working in consultancy as a stylist and choreographer for other artists,ROWDY’s intuition for all aspects of presenting and compiling a character is 10 fold when the concentration is on himself! First single ‘Look Into The Light’ is scheduled for an exclusive UK release late 2010 on Accidental Records.




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