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British Males: Two lost souls, each believing the other is the back end of the horse. It could go two ways: either they deliver a giddy mix of thrilling audio, or things turn nasty and you wind up dancing in their guts. For Fabric 4X, they present a mix that weaves between cosmic rock, Iranian disco and nineties darkcore jungle, like the business end of a fever dream.

British Males – Fabric 4X Promo Mix

Who Are You – Black Sabbath
Christina 23 Onna – Hypnosis
Diabolic Man instrumental – Diabolic Man
Talagh – Googoosh
Gayne Ballet Suite (Adagio) – Aram Khachaturian
Vanghoma – Tiyiselani Vomaseve
Break Number One – Monte Cazazza
d-sho qub – Autechre
I See Who You Are (Mark Bell remix) – Bjork
Lilith, Singing in the Forest – Bruno Spoerri
Frost – SALEM
I’m Not You – Clipse
Shadow Boxing – Nasty Habits



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